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Should I get a massage if I'm feeling sick?

If you are feeling sick with a cold, flu or viral infections the best thing you can do is stay home or seek medical assistance to get well.

First Aid

Getting a massage at this time can actually make you feel more sick, as the toxins/bacteria will be re-circulated around your lymphatic system, particularly if it is a high infection virus like whooping cough, influenza A or influenza B, so please note the following points if you are unwell:

  • ​Do not book a massage until you are completely well and have received clearance from a doctor

  • Be mindful that you can pass your germs to your therapist, so please let your therapist know if you have been recently ill.

  • Massage will not improve your condition, it can in-fact make you worse off

  • If you arrive at an appointment sick, you will NOT be seen

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