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Oculus Go is our all-in-one VR headset that’s portable and easy to use.


Experience entertainment on the go with no PC, wires or hassles.


The Go brings experiences to life in rich detail and vibrant color with best-in-class lenses. Crystal-clear optics and optimized 3D graphics work together to offer the highest visual clarity.

Meditate in Nature or Visit the Cosmos, all from the comfort of your chair!
Challenge yourself with Puzzles, Games and Fantasy adventures
The Benefits of VR Meditation
Meditation, coupled with Virtual Reality technologies, can be more precise and personalized and make the learning curve easier. 
Plus, when wearing a headset you are truly transported and immersed in new environments, making it easier to tune out of any distractions around you and focus.
If sitting quietly with your  eyes closed is 'not your thing', pop in and give the VR a go..
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Health & Safety For VR Environment
1. Consult with your physician before using the headset if you are pregnant, elderly, have pre-existing binocular vision abnormalities or psychiatric disorders, or suffer from a heart condition, seizures (epilepsy) or other serious medical conditions​.
2. Some people (about 1 in 4000) may have severe dizziness, seizures, eye or muscle twitching or blackouts triggered by light flashes or patterns, anyone experiencing  these symptoms must stop using the headsets and see a doctor.
3. This product is not a toy and should not be used by children under the age of 13, as the headset is not sized for children and improper sizing can lead to discomfort or adverse health effects,
4. The headset and controller(s) may contain magnets or components that emit radio waves, which could affect the operation of nearby electronics, including cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids and defibrillators. If you have a pacemaker or other implanted medical device, do not use the headset and controller without first consulting your doctor
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